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El amor, el amor, siempre el amor (English version)

Valentine’s day is coming up soon so let’s speak about love in Spanish.

In Mexico, February 14 is called "El día del amor y de la amistad" that means that is a day to celebrate love and friendship.

Anyway, if you want to meet a Spanish speaker to begin a beautiful love story or you‘ve already met her/him. It’s time to tell your crush how you feel.

I’m sure you’ve already heard these expressions, ¿verdad?


Don't forget that "te quiero" is used with friends, family or a partner and "te amo" is a stronger feeling that we use when someone is really close to us (family or partner). For example, we never say "TE AMO" on the first date or to a friend. That could be creepy.

You may say "Me gustas" or "me gustas mucho" (I like you) / (I really like you) on a first date. That means you find the person very attractive. Furthermore, when you meet someone and you want to put him/ her in the friend zone, you should say "me caes bien" (I like you a lot but as a friend, not in a romantic way)

As you can see, there are so many ways to declare your love in Spanish.

Before we start, let's do this quizz to find out how many love verbs you know.

¡Ahora sí! ¿Estás list@ para aprender las expresiones más usadas con tu pareja?


Here you have two sexual expressions.

Te deseo. - I want you. Tengo ganas de ti. - I want you/ I crave you

To be honest, there are no magic quotes to start a conversation and ligar (to hit on) someone but if you don’t know how to do that without being annoying, here you have some helpful expressions.

- En un bar, en la calle o en una fiesta.

¡Hola! ¿Qué estás tomando? - Hi, what are you drinking?

¡Hola! ¿Eres de aquí? - Hi, do you live around here?

¡Disculpa! ¿te puedo invitar algo? - Excuse me, can I pay you a drink?

¡Disculpa! ¿No te molesto? - Excuse me! May I bother you a sec? = Am I bothering you?

¡Disculpa! ¿Te molesta si me siento aquí? - Excuse me! Would you mind if I sit here?

¡Disculpa! ¿Tienes Facebook / Instagram? - Excuse me! Are you on Facebook/Instagram?

¡Qué tal! ¿Vienes seguido por aquí? - How are you? Do you come here often?

Disculpa si te molesto pero te me haces muy guapo (a). - Sorry to bother you but you’re so gorgeous / hot .


In Spanish, it’s quite common to use the ver "invitar" to say that you’re going to pay for the drink, the dinner or whatever you are doing.


¡Hola! ¿te puedo invitar algo? - Hi! Can I treat you something? / Let me treat you something, please.

Te invito una copa - Can I buy you a drink? / Let’s go have a drink; it’s on me.

Me gustaría invitarte un café - Let’s get a coffee! My treat.

No te preocupes, yo te invito - No worries! It’s on me

Then, if you’ve already met him/her and you think it’s time to have the first date.

You can use the following sentences:

¡Qué tal! Me gustaría invitarte a tomar algo. - How it goes? I would like to go out for a drink with you.

¡Qué tal! Me gustaría invitarte a salir. - How are you? I would like to go out/ hang out with you.

¿Te molestaría darme tu número? Tal vez podríamos vernos uno de estos días. - Would you mind if I have your number? Maybe we could meet up sometime.

(Pienso que) deberíamos ir a cenar uno de estos días - (I’m thinking) we should have dinner sometime.

¿Te gustaría ir a cenar esta noche? - Do you wanna have dinner with me tonight?

Tal vez podríamos ir a tomar algo uno de estos días - Maybe we could have a drink sometime.

¿Tienes planes para el fin? - What are you up to this weekend?

¿Vas a hacer algo hoy? - Are you doing anything today?

Now, you know how to start a conversation to break the ice with a Spanish speaker. Why don't you practice a little bit more with these flash cards that I created for you.


And if you want to learn how to speak about different topics to keep the conversation going, I definitely help you take your learning to the next level.

¡Hasta pronto!


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